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Three Tips for Designing Paper Packaging Bags to Make Your Product Stand Out

1.Unique Packaging Design that Differentiates from Competitors

Packaging design must be able to be easily distinguished by consumers on the shelf, in order to increase sales opportunities. For example, potato chips packaged in paper tubes are easily distinguishable from other potato chips packaged in plastic bags, making them easier for consumers to recognize.

2.Highlight Unique Selling Proposition through Design

Through packaging design, a product can satisfy consumers' needs and sense of belonging. However, products with ordinary packaging are easily overshadowed by competitors whose product packaging can convey unique selling propositions. For example, colorful paper bags for party toys are more attractive than plain brown bags.

3.Color Matching with Target Consumers

Each individual in the consumer group has different understandings and acceptance levels towards color, which depends on factors such as consumer culture, gender, age, customs and geographical location. Therefore, we should fully understand and grasp the differences in cultural levels of the consumer group, and use this as a solid foundation to provide emotional resonance with colors, making your paper bag appealing to potential customers.



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