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Think from the perspective of the customer

As a professional packaging design and production expert, I understand that the primary purpose of any form of paper box is to increase the value of the product and guide consumers to purchase your product.


Therefore, when designing a paper box, you should think like a customer. Consider how to make customers choose your product instead of your competitors'. The key is to highlight the features of the product. When consumers enter the market, they should be able to easily discover the selling points of your product, making you the winner.


Learning reverse thinking is an important part of packaging design and production. In order to investigate consumer preferences for products, we need to conduct some market research. For example, in the snack industry, the demand for fashionable or casual paper bags is growing, which is very attractive to young consumers. In addition, food boxes with fresh fruit or gourmet pictures are also becoming more popular because they can attract buyers' attention or attract those interested in healthy foods.


In summary, as packaging professionals, we need to focus on customer needs to design paper boxes. To win in competition, it is necessary to identify and highlight the unique characteristics of the product. Finally, market research is key to understanding consumer preferences, trends, and behavior, which can help us determine the design and production of paper boxes.



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