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Common Printing Methods for Canvas Bags

1.Water-based printing: This is a traditional printing technique that is suitable for light-colored fabrics. Since water-based ink is transparent, the printing effect is relatively simple. However, it has the characteristics of soft texture, good air permeability, and strong expressive power, making it popular among designers.

2.High-elastic heat transfer printing: This is a new type of printing technology that is suitable for cotton and non-woven fabrics. It can greatly improve the product level of environmentally friendly shopping bags. Due to its advantages in mass production, it has become a widely used printing technology among non-woven bag manufacturers.

3.Foam printing with paste: This printing technology requires the addition of foaming materials to the paste, and the printing part is made three-dimensional through high-temperature steaming. Due to its complex usage process, only a small number of non-woven bag manufacturers use this technology.

4.Eco-friendly paste printing: This printing technology has strong color coverage and is suitable for printing fashion patterns with clear lines, regular margins, and accurate overprinting. It is often used in the printing of medium fashion and T-shirts, and is suitable for a wide range of fabrics.

5.Heat-set ink printing: Because the heat-set ink is a non-solvent ink, it can produce exquisite lines, a flat appearance, and has the characteristics of good fastness, non-drying plates, no odor, high solid content, and good scratch resistance. It is now widely used in the printing of T-shirts, handbags, and other industries.Water-based printing,High-elastic heat transfer printing,Foam printing with paste,Eco-friendly paste printing



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