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The entire production process of cotton bags

The process of making cotton bags is becoming increasingly popular in daily life. It is not only an environmentally friendly and reusable item, but also a new type of promotional tool. However, for most people, the production process of cotton bags is still unclear. Below we will learn about its production process in detail.


Firstly, making cotton bags requires design. Printing advertising slogans on beautiful and eye-catching cotton bags is an essential part of the production process. Our staff will communicate with customers and solicit their opinions to achieve the desired effect. If necessary, we can provide customers with free typesetting and design services. After the typesetting is completed, the file will be sent to the customer for confirmation, and the customer can then place an order for production.

Material Selection

According to the customer's requirements, we will prepare non-woven fabric materials for the customer, and select different colors, weights, and specifications according to the customer's requirements. These are all essential steps in making cotton bags.


Common printing methods for cotton bags include screen printing, flexographic printing, and gravure film laminating printing. The choice of printing method depends on the content and color that the customer needs to print. Among them, screen printing is a relatively economical and commonly used printing method.


After printing is completed, cutting is required. This step mainly involves cutting the main panel and side panels. Our cutting master will accurately cut the required cotton bags according to the size requested by the customer. The cutting error is generally within 1cm. For customers with large orders, we use machine cutting, which can further reduce errors, and there are basically no errors.


After cutting is completed, the main panel and side panels need to be sewn into non-woven fabric eco-bags. Plindar has many professional flat-sewing masters who have strict requirements for sewing, and the sewing is exquisite with guaranteed quality. Therefore, we can meet customers' customized needs in large quantities.


After sewing is completed, the quality inspector will pick out the unqualified cotton bags, and then workers will perform rework or waste disposal. Qualified cotton bags will be packaged in waterproof woven bags. The packaging quantity is usually between 50 and 1000, depending on the size of the cotton bag.


After packaging is completed, we will ship via sea, air, or international express according to the customer's requirements.

The above is the production process of cotton bags. However, due to different manufacturers, the production process may vary. Therefore, the specific production process should be determined according to the actual manufacturer.



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