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How to Choose High-Quality Cotton Bags?

Price and Brand

Quality comes at a cost. If you are looking for a high-quality and stylish cotton bag, the price will not be too low. The price of some international brands of cotton bags can be as high as thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Lining and Accessories

Pure cotton lining is more durable and less prone to fraying than synthetic lining, and feels better in your hands. When choosing a cotton bag, the lining is a key factor to consider, because even if the bag looks good on the outside, a damaged lining can affect its lifespan. Therefore, the lining is an important detail that cannot be overlooked.

Raw Materials

Good quality cotton feels delicate, comfortable, and has clear texture, while poor quality cotton feels rough and stiff. When choosing a cotton bag, you should pay attention to whether the texture is even and delicate.


The finer the stitching, the stronger the cotton bag, and the less likely it is to come apart. Therefore, whether the bag is sewn with visible or invisible stitches, the length of the stitches should be even and consistent, and there should be no exposed thread ends. In addition, pay attention to whether there are wrinkles in the seam, whether the thread is in place, and whether the thread ends will cause the cotton bag to crack.



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