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Classification of Non-woven Bags by Usage

According to different product usages, they can be classified into:

Non-woven Bag Series: Non-woven Environmental Protection Bag, Non-woven Tote Bag, Non-woven Shopping Bag, etc.

Non-woven Fabric Bag Series: Non-woven Document Bag, Environmental Protection Shopping Bag, Packaging Bag, Non-woven Tote Bag.

Non-woven Products Series: Non-woven Storage Box, Non-woven Storage Bin, Non-woven Suit Cover, Non-woven Suit Bag.

Jewelry Bag Series: Gift Bag, Drawstring Bag, Velvet Bag, Perfume Bag, Pencil Case, Accessory Bag, etc.

Apron Series: Advertising Apron, Polyester Apron, Cotton Apron, PVC Apron, Mesh Apron.



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